Telephone Service

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Telephone Service
You don’t need Internet or SIP/IP device to use GTI phone services, we can send your calls to standard desk phones, cell phones, or even satellite phones or you can set up a “softphone” on a computer, iPhone, or Android device or your PSTN (landline phone)
GTI PBX offers a large variety of value-added features. Because the PBX system is offered as a service, you do not need to install or maintain any phone switch hardware or software to get all our benefits. All you need is a working telephone for each employee or location that wants to receive calls. GTI PBX works with any kind of phone, including land-based phones, cellular phones, VOIP phones, and more.
We provide high quality DID access numbers for a wide variety of VoIP application provider services. We offer DID Trunking services over SIP and IAX2 for Asterisk users, ITSP, Calling card, callback, and pinless call system operators, ISP, VoIP providers and home and business users.
Unlimited Conference Calling Plan: This plan is offered to small and medium-sized business for less. With this option you dial a local phone number and enter your personal PIN and or ACCESS Code number.