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GTI Business service offers a large variety of value-added features. All you need is a working desktop or mobile telephone for each employee or location that wants to receive calls. GTI mobile PBX service works with any kind of phone, including land-based phones, cellular phones, SIP phones, and more.
GTI-GLOBAL brings landline and office PBX features to mobile handsets.
Makes mobile phones and 3G desk phones work as a business phone system with DDI numbers, short-dial extensions call transfer, hunt groups, IVR, voicemail and all the other PBX features you would expect from your PBX system.
GTI-GLOBAL SIM, not an app. It works in any unlocked mobile handset and is completely integrated with the mobile network for voice, data and SMS.
GTI-GLOBAL devices work seamlessly with desk phones hosted on any cloud PBX.
Increase your return on investment and benefit from unlimited local and long distance calling – all without the cost of switching your existing equipment. mobility-features

  • PBX also Supports Legacy or IP-Based Systems
  • Rich HD Voice Quality
  • Scalable Functions Grow with Your Business
  • Extensive Suite of Client Applications
  • No Setup Fees, No Contracts Required
  • No Internet Service needed!
  • Free 24/7 Technical Support
  • Free SIM Card
  • FREE use of IP or SIM Smart Phone/SIP device/Personal Mobile Device

With GTIGLOBAL SIM installed you are set to go!


Free Phone

We supports industry standard IP phones, Mobile Phones devices, Android & IOS allowing you to chose from a wide variety of high quality devices. Eliminate the need for ANY UPFRONT COST! NO Internet Service Needed!

With GTI MOBILE PBX, you get the flexibility to build your new PBX solution exactly how you want it and grow and adjust it in line with your business needs.

  • Business Mobile PBX Service

    This is a FREE account NO contracts! NO commitments!

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